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Mohammed Salem is an Australian/Egyptian singer/songwriter who has sold over 1/4 of a million albums world wide. The singer who sings predominantly in English wrote his first non-English song "Masr 2501" in 2011 after being part of the Egyptian Revolution which began January 25th, 2011. The song was written and sung in Arabic, however, an Arabic/English version is also available called "Egypt 2501" on YouTube. With 6 highly successful albums and 13 international #1 singles, countless awards and award nominations; Mohammed Salem is now preparing for the release of his 7th studio album simply entitled "mimi". The first single "Everything" is set for release this month and the album includes both versions of the revolutionary hit "Masr 2501" and "Egypt 2501". More information on Mohammed Salem can be found at the singer's official website or the singer's international fanclub

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mohammedsalem, 1977-11-12