Rules for our chat

Admin, moderator or member, all are equal, no one has higher status.

It is forbidden to leave a link that does not belong to tarabyon, it may only be in private chat.

Facebook and youtube links are allowed .. just for fun not for advertising or marketing.

If you have problems with someone, then please contact either admin or moderator, you can find inside the chat.

We are here to have fun , get to know new people, and listen to new music.

If you say something that violates someone, or words that are ugly, you will be banned or kicked with or without warning.

If you feel that you were banned by mistake by our moderators, write to the adminstrators 3omar or Eslam

Tarabyon Working Team is always available for you .. If you want to join Tarabyon working team leave a message for 3omar or Eslam

Do not take yours and our time trying to destroy or hack the chat, we will withdraw it at 2 clicks of our servers.

Have Fun and Enjoy Tarabyon Chat <3